Making Space for Well-Being

At Artwell, we like to think of our spaces as cocoons – Nicely tucked away from the outside world.

Upon entering an Artwell space, visitors are encouraged to remove their shoes, switch off their mobile devices and commit. The idea is that in crossing over the threshold, the visitor invests in a process of self-calibration and renewal. Our job is to make this possible, by creating environments that offer mental and physical space for recovery. Your job is simply to prioritize your visits.

In conceptualizing spaces, our goal is to create a kind of “mental oasis” that is both highly accessible and effective. Achieving this begins with integration. Artwell spaces are conceived to be close-at-hand – Wherever people are, when they need to re-boot.

In terms of maximizing the positive effect of our spaces, we place a lot of emphasis on “cocooning”. Experience has shown that self-contained spaces better facilitate disconnection from the outside world. And, by dramatically contrasting the atmosphere we create inside a space with its surroundings, we can accelerate this process. In practice, this means that we are able to amplify the benefits that visitors gain during a brief “Artwell” encounter.

Within our spaces we work with culture in a variety of different media, format and situations. Our clients’ needs and budget guide the scope and content of our installations. In some cases, we work with existing art collections, or advise clients on building a corporate collection from scratch. Alternately, we offer a subscription service whereby we manage the flow of temporary installations, and your space is updated monthly or quarterly, after your needs.